Simple Birthday Cake Ideas: Types Of Birthday Cakes

We have thousands of options to make birthdays more special and also memorable. Get free simple birthday cake ideas and also know about types of birthday cakes.

Do you know about types of birthday cakes? Birthday is a very special day of everyone’s life. No one wants to ruin their birthday and also expect from others that people will also make their birthday good for them. These days’ celebrations have entirely changed and we have thousands of options to make birthdays more special and also memorable. These days, we see ranges of cakes available that can be planned to give someone the most pleasant birthday surprise.

These cakes can be chosen according to the type of birthday person and also according to the age. For example, cakes for elderly, youngsters, teenagers and also for kids are available with amazing and diverse themes and can be made personalized with special toppings, dressings and signing statements. Numerous decorations and types of birthday cakes ideas are available to please and delight all of us.

Types of Chocolate Cakes for Birthdays

Chocolate is the dessert that is unconditionally liked on all events and celebrations. This amazing dessert is enjoyed by all age groups and is really yummy. Many delicious and finger liking cakes like Chocolate Celebration Cake, dark and rich Classic Devil’s Food Cake, Chocolate Berry Cakes, silky cream cheese frosting Red Velvet Cake, filled with rich chocolate icing the Ultimate Chocolate Cake, Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake, Mocha Chocolate Ice Box Cake, Crunchy Chocolate Chestnut Cakes, Rich Chocolate Mousse Cakes, Chocolate Mint Mud Cake and above all Chocolate Fudge and Flourless Chocolate Cakes that are an ultimate options for exclusive and outstanding birthday parties.

Cakes with Fruit Toppings & Frosting

Not all of us always like the birthday celebration with a chocolate option. Many are in love with amazing and delicious fruit toppings. To have some spectacular birthday, we can go with amazing fruit topping cakes that have Coconut Cakes, Strawberries and Cream Sponge Cake, Delicious Cakes with Hazelnut Fruit Frostings, Caterpillar Cakes having wonderful Cotton Candy shapes and flavors, Caramel Apple Cheesecakes, Classic Vanilla Cake with Caramel Pastries, Maple Creek Cakes with Maple Glazed Pecans, crunchy Birthday Carrot Cakes and indefinable range of birthday cakes.

Coconut Birthday Cakes

Coconut Birthday Cakes are liked by many of us and are really yummy. Many people particularly choose these amazing coconut cakes for birthday celebrations and they look really nice on all birthday parties like evening, afternoon, dinners and seasonal. Yummy coconut cakes with vanilla and chocolate frostings, Ombre Rose Cake with sprinkled Coconut crunches, White Coconut Mud Cake, Lemon, Lime and Coconut Birthday Cakes with yummy tastes and amazing toppings are available to make your birthday unbelievably superb and outclass. You will completely indulge in the delicious flavor of these extra amazing and wonderful birthday cakes.

Special Coffee Birthday Cakes

Though fewer people are fond of coffee cakes yet they still enjoy them as lovely birthday cakes options. Many coffee cakes do not have the full flavor of coffee and have only a slight taste that feels tasty and pleasant and is thoroughly enjoyed. Normally, sponge flavored with coffee is double separated by coffee flavor butter icing and are topped with the same frosting. These coffee cakes are complemented with walnuts on top and they feel really delicious. Apple Coffee cakes are enjoyed more and taste extraordinary, show perfect for any small elderly birthday party.

Simple Birthday Cake Ideas

Here i am going to share simple birthday cake ideas that will make your birthday celebration more special and yummy. There are too many cake ideas but i mentioned popular of them. These cool birthday cake ideas will help you a lot. Go down for tasty simple birthday cakes.

Pumpkin Pecan Layer Cake

"I always bake a cake for my coworkers' birthdays. This is by far everyone's favorite in the four years I have been there. You have got to try this cake!"

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German Chocolate Cake

"One of my new favorites! The coconut pecan frosting is really exceptional. I'm so glad I discovered this fantastic and special cake!"

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Double Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake

"This was amazing, and worth every calorie! I made it for my husband's birthday. It's very rich, and a tiny piece will be just enough!"

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Banana Cake with Caramel Frosting

"This is a very good cake that can stand all by itself. However, the frosting makes it go over the top! One of my guests ate three pieces and exclaimed 'every bite is better than the one before!"

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Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla Birthday Cake

"This cake was delicious, and just what a kid's birthday cake should taste like! It was light, airy and very moist. Just about perfect!"

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Phenomenal Carrot Cake

"Truly a phenomenal carrot cake! I was looking for a recipe that had pineapple and coconut and came across this one. This is the BEST carrot cake ever!"

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Layered Ice Cream Cake

"This was an easy and fantastic cake! The children loved it and all of the parents told me that it was the best ice cream cake they'd ever had!"

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Cream of Coconut Cake

"Everyone loved this recipe! I made it for husband's birthday and he ate two pieces! This was an easy and delicious coconut cake!"

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Black Forest Cake

"I had my husband make this for me for my birthday because it looked hard to mess up. I was right — this was the best Black Forest Cake I have ever had!"

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Red Velvet Cake

"This cake was wonderful! It was a big hit with my family. I am a chocolate cake freak and I loved it!"

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